DCCS – Save Our School Family 5k is LIVE!

Hey! We have a 5k for Dynamic Community Charter School ready to go! It amazes me what can be accomplished in 24 hours when smart, willing people get together and work hard!

Please share this link, and please participate! World-wide runners, walkers, and sleepers are welcome. Join us in person at Lake Benson Park in Garner, NC on March 21st at 10am, or join us virtually from your neighborhood or couch! We don’t care. We love you anyway.

Race Registration: http://www.gofundme.com/k5mw3c

This is going to happen people!


Dynamic Community Charter School


Help Save Our School

My oldest son has Aspergers. It’s a kind of autism. There are millions of blogs about the details of all of that. I’ve even posted a few. Here is the short of it.

Big classrooms are torture for him.
Hours of desk work is torture for him.
Unsupported social settings are torture for him.
He has significant learning gifts and deficits.

This all equals the fact that public school has been so difficult we chose to home school.

FACT – there is no school for kids with special needs in the state of North Carolina that isn’t private with a huge price tag.
FACT – NC is struggling with the education budget in so many areas, special needs have completely fallen off the table. They do the minimum to meet the law and that’s it.
FACT – this leaves thousands of kids with no where safe and supportive to learn.

When NC opened up it’s cap on Charter schools, an amazing mother in Cary, NC got herself in gear and put together a charter school specializing in exceptional children. This was the result:

Yes, my son is the one talking like BatMan at the end of the take.

Rumors flew that the school was closing in December. The principal and much of the staff walked out right after TG. As a parent I was scared, but Evan loves this school SO MUCH, it’s such a perfect fit for him, we decided to hang in there and see what happened.

Today I got the whole story.

The Short of It – DCCS is a new community just learning the ropes. They underestimated the costs they would have to cover for children who didn’t have state money coming in with them. It was an honest mistake. State money will be available for all children next year as long as the funding gap is made up before May of this year.

The state board of charter schools could have closed the school down today, but they gave us until May to keep the school open and get the books worked out.

I’ve already started planning a 5k in Garner. I have started looking for corporate help. I have friends looking for grants. But we need as much help as we can get.

I’ll be posting updates, numbers and links for ways to help right here on my blog over the next few months.

This school can’t close. If you have a child with special needs in Raleigh, call them now. They have spaces and they get funding for children enrolled – you won’t be disappointed.

If you can make a cash donation and if your company does matching, you can do that today through paypal!

I know we can do this, and I can’t wait to go back to the state charter board and show them that we took the chance they gave us and blew it out of the water.

Go Dragons!!

School website: http://dynamiccommunitycs.com/
You can donate directly to the school by going to their site and clicking on the PayPal link in the top right corner. More soon!



Running too Slow

I am a runner. I have been running since I was a kid and we lived on a half-mile dirt road. I ran all over a five mile radius of farm land, and occasionally, I would run as fast as I could to get away from my parents. But they always caught me and dragged me home.

Then I got into high school and wanted to run track, I was too slow so they put me on discus.

Then I realized that I didn’t have to be on a team and I started running alone. I ran alone for years until my friend Alison took time to help me learn better form so I could be faster and run farther. She is an amazing marathon runner, but she took time out of her training schedule to teach me and keep me company and really help me find the beauty in running with friends.

We moved several times after that. Everywhere I went I looked for friends to run with – people who needed my help and people who could help me. It was a wonderful way to exercise.

Eventually we stayed put. And I made wonderful running friends in NC. I helped and encouraged them through babies, marital problems, death, divorce, depression – and they did the same for me.

Only we’ve been here for 7 years now and what I’m starting to hear, over and over again, feels a lot like that little girl running away.

You aren’t fast enough. We will catch you. You can’t get away.

Or that overweight teenager – You are too fat, too slow, we don’t want you. Go do something else.

And now a middle-aged mother – You are too slow. You need too much sleep. You ruin my work out and get in the way of my training program. You whine too much. Oops, sorry, we planned a bunch of stuff with out you, but you can’t do it anyway, you’re too slow.

I’m back to being on my own. It hurts. It hurts a lot. But what am I supposed to do? Whine? Apparently I’ve been doing that a lot lately. It just makes people avoid you more.

Look for new running partners? Yah, I could do that.

Or just run by myself.

I’m happy being alone. I go to the movies alone, I schedule one day a week to work on my books all alone. Why not just run alone?

Because it’s not as fun.

This weekend, two of my super amazing running friends invited me to the beach with them. We went running together twice. I pushed my fat injured self and they took pity on me.

It felt almost like the good old days.

But it’s not. I still have a long way to go before I’m over this injury and I’m super again, but I’ll never be super amazing like my friends.

We each have our talents. Mine is not running fast. I don’t even really want that talent, if I’m honest.

I want to be well rested and kind to my body and my children. I want to feel healthy, but not completely beat down. I want to feel I’ve accomplished my goals, not beat myself into the ground trying to keep up with others.

And if that makes me too slow, then I guess that’s what I am.

And that’s fine with me. But it’s lonely.

This year, when you super athletes set your goals, think about helping someone else feel super, accepted, loved, and not left behind. Think about other people’s goals and not just your own. It will make your goals that much sweeter when you reach them, knowing you helped someone else along the way. I hope I run into someone I can help as I get my butt back in gear.

Happy running.