My Precious – The Doodle Door

I found a door in my shed. I did a bit of research and realized it belonged in the passage between my kitchen and dining room/office. Replacing it suddenly seemed like an amazing idea. I’d have a tiny layer of privacy.

So I bought new hardware, hauled it out, scrubbed it and hung it.

Then I stood back, and sighed.

It looked horrible.

As usual, I’d been in a big hurry, was distracted by kids, burning dinner and yah… You get it.

The paint was chipping off in big patches, in the bright kitchen lights you could clearly see the black stains mildew had left, and there were bubbles in the creases where the paint was getting ready to pop off.

But I liked my door. And I was too busy to take it down and strip it, then refinish it and rehang it. So I stared at it and started to hate it.

Then one day I decided to stop hating. I took out a sharpie and wrote right across the gross paint at eye level:

“This door is shabby chic. Don’t judge.”

Of course I screwed up the word shabby so it looked like my first grader wrote it, and that made me think… Hey, why not?

And that is how the Doodle Door was born.

You should have seen how thrilled my kids were when I explained the idea to them. They could write, in permanent marker no less, on the doodle door anytime they wanted.

Now when I’m stressed or deep in thought I grab the sharpie and start to doodle. I plan on covering every inch of that door – I get stressed a lot.

Now when I look at it I don’t hate it. I love it and I feel inspired. Such a simple thing, a black sharpie, and what a profound difference it has made for our home.

I believe every little corner of your home should bring you happiness and peace. We’re getting there.




Christmas Overload

I usually have Christmas in full swing at my house by the first of December but this year we didn’t haul the red and green boxes out of the attic until well past thanksgiving. Once I finally climbed up there and started funneling them down to my husband, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.

These are BIG totes, not your average size closet box – and we had six of them! That doesn’t include the giant tree in a bag, huge wardrobe box of wreaths for the outside of the house or yard blow ups. My husband asked if I wanted him to drag them all inside and I had a mini panic attack. I’m trying to get rid of the huge amount of stuff in my house. These holiday crap cartons would set me back six months!!

So we left them in the garage right next to a donation bin and three large garbage cans. This year instead of over decking my halls, I’m trimming the fat. Already got rid of two boxes full and still purging. And you know what? My house still looks festive. I would love to have two boxes and a smaller tree. So that’s what we’re aiming for. Anyone need a 7 foot fake beauty in a bag that’s more cumbersome than a dead body to hide in the off season?

Happy holidays!!