Deep Fried Grapes

It has been a long summer and a long September as well. We’ve had so many things happen that I really can’t remember anything right now except the fact that my husband made dinner on Saturday night for the kids and himself while I went to a church meeting. He was so willing and sweet to feed and put the kids to bed. I was so proud of him and what a good dad he is. I even had a friend over earlier that day telling me how much she thought of our daddy. He really is a great guy. But you know how it is, you are dwelling on the compliments, basking in the pride of your choice of spouse and your glowing perfect home, when you come around the corner out of your dream and run smack into some form of reality or other. I’m not saying that all these things aren’t true, they are just part of the truth. We’re all human after all. And our humanity manifests itself in different ways.

My husband chose to manifest his humanity by making deep fried grapes for dinner. Yes, as I passed through the kitchen glancing to make sure that all the healthy happy little foods I’d mentioned and laid out were being prepared, I saw a pile of greasy light brown lumps on a paper towel covered plate while my husband stood happily with slotted spoon in one hand and mystery item batter bowl in the other. Apparently my four year old, Lydia, who loves onions, had begged for onion rings for dinner. So daddy whipped some of those up. He’d then spotted the grapes I’d left out as part of my fresh and healthy dinner attempt, grabbed them up, battered them and deep fried them as well.

I think we may have lived in Indiana too long after all. Granted, the NC State Fair is known world wide for its delectable selection of all things deep fried, from coca-cola to pecan pie on a stick or even deep fried butter, this is only a once a year occurrence. While living in Indiana, I actually found it hard to go ANYWHERE and find a menu with anything other than deep fried pounded out pork or ‘gater of some sort or other. It’s a great place, don’t get me wrong, but I think it may have done something mentally to my husband for life. He’s a deep fry fiend.

And now, here’s my human side manifesting itself. They were very VERY good, but they needed powdered sugar 🙂 Thanks honey!