Big Week

My baby boy was officially diagnosed this week with Asperger’s Syndrome. Not only do I have to read a ton of books on it, I have to memorize how to spell it. Heaven forbid they include the physicians desk reference book in spell check. ugh. This is a major relief and also a bit sad for me. I guess there was a silly part of my brain that thought this was a phase. Something he’d grow out of. Every time I saw progress I thought.. aha! here we go! Now he will be “normal”. But really, as an artist and musician and mother, I have to say that NORMAL is extremely boring. And even with all the challenges we’ve had as a family with our little boy, I wouldn’t change him for the world. Granted, there are a lot of families out there with children who don’t even speak, that would be hell, but in this case I shudder when I hear people talking about the cure for autism. I’ve come to a point where I realize that I love my son just the way he is. I don’t want him “cured” or “normal”. What other 4 year old boy knows how to make dinner, read or protect his sisters to the bitter end against the evils of time out? Most little boys his age are loud and wild and I just really have a hard time with them. My boy is gentle and funny and sweet and he loves to watch for bugs outside but doesn’t squish them. He loves to crash his cars but always says he is sorry to them. He loves his family and is just the best thing since sliced bread!

Ugh… mothers can be so mushy sometimes 🙂